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Radio Mix
Radio Mix


Pro Radio Promotion
Mp3/Spotify URL
Mp3/Spotify URL



Submit a well-produced song that major radio stations will be willing to play.
We submit your song to major, indie, and other radio stations.
We will send your song to 1,000 online radio stations.
We will submit the song to 300 music curators.
We will boost the song with 100,000 plays on Spotify.
We will run a paid campaign to submit to music curators.
We will run a second campaign subjected to approval.
We will run another paid campaign.
We will add the song to 250 collaborative playlists on Spotify.
We will continue submitting the song to music curators on daily basis.
We will send your biography and press release to 800 music bloggers.
The success of the campaign will depend on the quality of the song in terms of production, mixing, melody, harmony, and performance because most music curators do not add songs to their playlists anyhow.




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