Synergy Music Promotion
Synergy Music Promotion
Synergy Music Promotion

Premium Music Promotion
YouTube/Spotify URL



Submit a well-produced Music Video/Song on YouTube/Spotify.


A – We send your song and press release/biography to 800 Music Bloggers.
B – We send your song to serious-minded music curators.
C – We add your song to 250 Collaborative Playlists (Spotify).
D – We send your song to 1,000 Radio Stations.



Part 1: We submit the URL of your YouTube Video to curators so they will be forced to watch it to decide whether they will feature your song/video or not.
Part 2: We will boost your video on YouTube with 10,000 safe views to increase the ranking.
Part 3: Broadtube Music Channel (Subjected to Approval)
We add your YouTube Video to our Music Video Channel online together with major artists if approved.
Part 4 – Music Publicity: (Subjected to Approval) – We will use three months to submit your song/video to blogs, music curators, and influencers (Your biography/press release is required).
Part 5 – Spotify Promo Boost: (Not Subjected to Approval) – We add your song to 30 Collaborative Spotify Playlists.
Part 6 – We send your songs to 100 Curators within your genre. (Feedback is not guaranteed).
Part 7 – We run another paid campaign to connect with few curators in your genre.
Part 8 – We boost your song with 30,000 streams on Spotify. – Part 9 – Current Music Radio: – (Subjected to Approval).


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